Friday, January 12, 2007

I'm Goofy

I ran the Goofy Challenge over the weekend at Disney. What a great time. It was hot this year for once. It seems like they changed the marathon course a little or maybe made a better effort to get fans and support on the boring stretchs. I ran the half with my wife.We hade fun. The half seems more crowded than the full marathon. We ran 2:30, not bad considering.

I ran the full in 4:22. I went out to slow. I felt good up until 22, I rans teady and did not stop often. I would have done great if not for the half marathon. I will now concentrate more on the Ironman. I would still like to do one more marathon, perhaps Atlanta.. This weekend calls for a 2+ hour bike ride with Clint. then I will get to the Pinewood derby ASAP.

We will watch some football at friends on Saturday night. I will go for a longer run on Sunday so no beer for me..

Thursday, January 4, 2007

I have eased off on training this week. I swam and ran yesterday. Right now my ankle is bothering me. It seems to be more the muscle going from the ankle to the top of the foot. I am using the stick and ice. I only rode the bike and will take it easy tomorrow. I am not sure what else to do....

I am excited that the marathon will be warm. I do not think I have run a marathon that will be this hot. I am torn on what to wear, probably tri shorts and a compression top.

Tuesday, January 2, 2007

Happy New Year

I am back. We had a fun New Years celebration. I had to much to drink. I think I have sworn off Vodka.

One of my New Years resolutions is to stop drinking till after Ironman. I want to loose about 5 lbs and it seems that when I drink I eat to much junk. So it is easy enough to give it up. I tried my wetsuit on Christmas day and it fits. It is tight but, I am glad that I found the size 8.

Time to get serious and kick my training into gear. The Goofy Challenge is this weekend and it looks like it will be nice weather. Thank goodness it will not be freezing again this year. I am feeling pretty good. I will take it easy for the Half and see if I can go for 4 hours for the full. I am working on my Ipod playlist for the marathon as I will be running solo