Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Ironman advice

I was at a Leukemia and Lymphoma dinner the other night and someone there is going to do Ironman Florida in November. She asked me for advice. Here goes after a little thought.

-HAVE FUN enjoy the day. You have worked hard to get to this point enjoy it
-Thank every volunteer, without them the day would suck. Have fun
-Think of the day as a long catered training day.
-When it gets tough keep going.
-Think back to all of those training days. This is what it is for.
-Encourage everyone.

Drink the chicken broth
Have a beer

Join the Club

Back Again

Well here I go again. Time to get back posting. Been busy with Team in Training practices and work. I am having a good time with coaching Team in Training, triathlon group. Turn out has been a little light. It is hard to gauge how everyone is doing if they are not showing up for practice. It is great trying to motivate people past those bumps in the road.

We had a practice last week, where we got off a 27 mile bike for a 4 mile run. On of the group was having a hard time on the run. This was the longest bike they have ever done. They did great! The run was sucking. but she just got off a great bike. I was trying to help her get through the sucky part. The 1st mile is gonna suck. You just have to work through the tough parts...