Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Raleigh, NC

Found a nice jogging trail near the Marriott in Raleigh, NC. It was nice to get out and get a 1-1/2 hour run in. I did of course get a little lost or misplaced. The weather was nice. It was a touch humid and I could have used more water on the run but good none the less.

I was going to do a swim at the hotel pool when I got back but it was over run by teens. I will have to swim tomorrow. My son JT has his new bike now. He will do his first tri in a couple weeks. I will get to the YMCA Aquatic center with him or maybe take him to Luckys on Saturday. I think he has a 200m or Yd swim. He is not a swimmer like his Dad. He swims like I used to. I liken it to Jerry Lewis trying to swim or the old Saturday Night live Synchronized swimming skit with Martin Short in a life Jacket"I am not a very strong swimmer"

I think he will be able to do it. I just want to make sure that he gets some training in. The tri will take place at Turkey Lake park and the swim is in a pool. Thank god for lane lines. I remember for my first time in the pool. Which was not that long ago...

I need to get to Tri n Run > for some nutrition for the bike. I have been using Hammer perpeteum. I may try something else. For my long bike last weekend I used Perpetuem, pretzels, SoyJoy bars, Gatorade and a Strawberry Uncrustable
I think that uncrustable was the best testing treat I have had.. I will definitely keep that my nutrition. I felt so good off the run.. I want to keep at it. I used ziplock bags that I placed in the back of my tri top. I was very tough to open the bags. I may switch to the old fold over style.

I am not sure who will be at Ironman Florida for my support crew. I know that my wife Kristy will be there. I do not think we will bring the kids. It would be nice to have them there and have them finish with my, but it is a long time for them to wait around and be patient. I might have my parents come. It would be nice for the support. I think I stressed the 15 hours of bore a little much. This race is like getting married or having kids, a very big milestone. I would like ot see loved one at the start and through out the race....We will see what happens.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Got my ride on.

We got a nice ride on Saturday. Clint and I met up at 6:15am we were on the bikes by 6:30. I think we rode every where in Florida. We started at the trail head at Kilarney Station. We rode to Howey in the hills, Mt Dora around a bunch of lakes and back through Clermont.

The temp started out okay, towards the end of the ride it was brutal hot. I felt good off the bike. I could have gone more. I thought I needed to get home to go to the beach for Kristy's Birthday.

My legs were good the next day. I am getting there.

The ride ended with the hills, going up buckhill and then SugarLoaf. The picture is the water stop at the top of SugerLoaf. One of the home owners puts fresh water out for people cycling up the hill.

Clint is off in Asia this week. I think I will get a good open water swim in on Saturday and then a 60 or 70 mile bike. I need a long run on Sunday morning. I am sure I will have to start extra early. I am traveling Tues thru thurs this week. I need to get some good pool swims in...

Wednesday, July 18, 2007


I got my 3000m swim in yesterday. I felt okay. I am really slow. I need to do more drills to work on or improve my form. I got half way through my laps and they turned the water jets on to refill or cool down the pool. I discovered this as I was taking a breath and got blasted with water. I was able to find and open lane. With a middle lane I was only hit with water coming and going. I could almost navigate to come up in the middle of 2 jets. I guess it would be good to learn how to flip turn.

I returned home from the swim did more work from the home office. I was able to get an hour run in at about 5pm. Of course it was still in the high 80's. HOT and sticky. There is nothing better than getting back from a run like that and soaking in the pool. I know a beer would have hit the spot, but the frig was empty. Planning on a long bike ride on Saturday, around 70 miles. I will try to get to Luckys Friday morning to do my open water swim..

We may go to the beach this weekend after my bike. So I can run in Bradenton.

Monday, July 16, 2007


Went home for the weekend.

Beautiful upstate NY. I was there to attend my 20 year class reunion. It was nice to see everyone. I had a hard time recognizing some people and others had not changed a bit.

I was able to get a couple long runs in. I did 1:15 when I got in on friday and they 1:30 on Saturday. It was great. It was never very hot, NO humidity. I felt like I could run forever. I did however forget about hills. I am not a big fan. I also ran in the county where the were spreading manure or something in the fields..But all in all a good weekend.

I was home sunday later afternoon and used it as my recovery day. I was recovering from lack of sleep and too much beer. But it was a good time.

Monday, July 9, 2007


Ran this morning. I think it was 90 already. I did a little over an hour. I have to figure out a way to get my long runs in without overheating. I did run with water, but I was sweating so much my shoes were soggy.. On my return from the out and back loop I spotted a bobcat crossing Apopka Vineland rd. It was like a big dog with a stub tail..Wish I could have taken a picture. This is the 2nd time I have seen a bobcat in about the same spot.
I was also able to get 3000m in at the YMCA Aquatic center..I need to get a bike ride in. I have my 20 year high school reunion this weekend. Which ofcourse is cutting into my training...