Saturday, April 5, 2008

Early mornings

I traveled on business most of this week. I did not get home till late Thursady night or early friday morning, depending on how you look at it. I did some work Firday and then took the afternoon off. I took the kids to Blizard Beach. We had a ball. We have season passes to the Disney Water Parks now. It should be a good investment.

Kristy left around noon on Fridya for the Iron Girl 10K in Clearwater. I am in charge for the day and a half. I was able to leave JT in charge this morning and meet at 5AM for a nice 10 mile run. It is starting to get hot. The temp at 5am was 72. So we were very sweaty when we got back. He is biking tomorrrow, I was invited along, but do not think I will make it.

I would like ot do a bike and a long swim to gage my fitness level. I really should sign up for the Gator Half. Just wnat to be sure I am ready.

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