Monday, April 14, 2008

Weekend Update

An okay training weekend. I was going to ride on Saturday morning with Gary at the Van Fleet trail. I was talked out of this by the family. Saturday, was family day. I ended up getting on the trainer on the back porch, at 5:30 and rode for 3+ hours. Kind of boring but, I have a DVR so I could watch some shows.. We got to Typoon Lagoon by 10:30 and stayed all day. It reached 90 so it was nice to hang out with the kids and play.

I met the group at 5am for a nice 12 mile run. I ware the New Balance, I have gotten up to about 5 miles with the Zoot shoes and still love them. I want to alternate miles between the 2 shoes. I still have plenty of miles left on the NB. The Zoots feel great.

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