Monday, March 10, 2008

Time to get serious

Well, its time. To get serious. A recent trip to the scale has shown an unacceptable weight gain. I could stand to now loose 8-10 lbs. I have been accustom to eating whatever I want. Not anymore. I still am training but not to the extent that I was for Ironman. I do miss those days. 1 more year I hope. I have been traveling on business a lot lately. All of those dinners out have caught up. Trying to figure out if I should just notch up my exercises or do I limit my eating. I toy with the idea of giving up beer..But, that would such. I will start by giving up french fries and limiting the amount I eat. I have been thinking that I should ask of half portions at a restaurant. This would be closer to 1 real portion or food or closer to the right amount to eat.

I skipped the group run on Sunday morning as it was 40 degrees. I waited till late in the afternoon to get my 8 miles in. I am taking it easy today and plan a 30 minute run later. I caught 2 spring training games over the weekend. Took Sam on Saturday, I think he had a lot of fun. We watched the last inning from the seats by the dugout. One of the Brave players at the end tossed us a ball. So Sam go a good souvenir.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

One down

Rode on the Van Fleet trail on Saturday morning. It was "freezing" cold, in Florida I guess that means any thing in e 50's. At the start of the ride you could see your breath. I had a ton of layers on. My toes were numb. It warmed up by the end of the ride, and I had to strip off some layers. But, off the bike my toes were still numb! We did 1 out and back at Van Fleet for 58+ miles. I felt a lot better this week than the previous time. I did not do a run off the bike as planned.

Towards the turn around, a squirrel darted across the path. It ended up being caught between mine and Gary's bikes. I closed my eyes. It darted...It ended up under Gary's back tire. Gary was able to keep riding. The squirrel some how made it off the path. Not sure of the end result. Squirrel's and rabbits tend to dart across the path. I always envisioned this scenario with a biker going down. I guess it is good that it went under the back tire as opposed to the front.

Sunday morning we met at 5am, for our group run. It sucks getting up that early. we tried a new route and it was nice. I was familiar with bits and pieces of it. It is nice trying a new route. Doing the same routes all the time gets boring. We wound through Bay Hill. They are beginning the set up for the Arnold Palmer invitational. Nice to check out some of the house. We did take a wrong turn or 2. The route ended at 13.5. Not bad for a Sunday morning. I then spent the balance of the day doing yard work. Caught a 6pm flight to Cincinnati.. and here I am...