Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Long Boring Ride

Well All, another early Saturday morning. Clint and I met at 5:40 am to drive to Cocoa Beach for a bike ride. We were on the bikes by 6:40 am. It was a nice morning. The ride started good enough. The plan was to ride 40 miles out and back. What a boring ride. We had figured that this was a good route for scenery. NOT. We followed A1A the hole was and did not see much.

We got to Sebastian Inlet and turned around at about 39 miles. It started to get hot on the way back. I spoted a clock at a bank on the way back and it did read 90…We did stop at a Publix on the way back to reload on water and stuff. I refueled with a Sobe Adrenaline Sugar Free. I do like my energy drinks. The caffeine helps. I am not sure if the rest does any thing. Maybe it is physiological. The ride was good all in all. We did a little over 78 miles averaging 18.5mph. The ride was probably a good representation of IMFL flat and windy.

I was able to sleep in a litte at get a 12 mile run in on Sunday. I debated whether or not to run with the group at the YMCA. In the end I opted to sleep the extra hour and run on my own. I did a out an back loop through downtown Disney. Good Run the bottom of my foot hurts now. I am not sure what it is. It could be from the bike, it is almost where my bike cleat is. I am concerned it could be something else like planter factitious. . I have never had any problems with the bottom fo my feet, so I am a little concerned. Like any thing I am hoping to wake up tomorrow and it will be gone.

I did a 1:06 swim at the Y before catching my flight. Good swim. Foot was not an issue. I will take it easy the next couple of days and see what happens. This weekend we are planning a 100 mile ride on Saturday and a 20 mile run Sunday. Yikes. I need to work on my brick runs. I am feeling good with each of the distances. I just need to put it all together.. I would like to do a couple Ocean swims with the St Pete Maddogs triathlon group.. I would feel a lot better to get osme experience there. I would like to do at least 1 swim with the group and then we can go over and swim on the weekend and work it into another work out…

Monday, August 20, 2007

Long Run and Squishy shoes

Got a bike and a run in this weekend. We met at the Clermont WaterFront park to do the Great Floridian Half Ironman Distance bike course. So we did the 56 mile bike and then did a quick run off of 2 miles. The bike course was fine. We finish with BuckHill and Sugar Loaf. I felt pretty good. We did average over 18mph. We are thinking about getting out to the Van Fleet trail next weekend to get some good mileage in.

I am feeling better with my nutrition. I am taking more Enduralytes, which seem to help in the heat.

Sunday morning I was up at 4am again to meet Gary and his group for an 18 mile run starting at 5am. Good run. My ankles were a little sore for the first half. I am so glad I was running with others, otherwise I would have done 12 and called it a day. At the end of my run I started to feel some blisters coming on as my shoes were squishing...Yuck.I am happy for my recovery day today. The kids started school today. I might try to get to the YMCA to do a little swim to help loosen up..

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

1 New Member

My son completed his first triathlon over the weekend! I was very proud. It was a 200yd pool swim followed by a 5 mile bike and a mile run. He completed it in about 45 minutes. He got body marked and everything. There were probably 40 kids. He struggled a little bit on the swim. We practiced at the Y a few times, but he does not really swim freestyle. I got him doing the breaststroke and survived the swim. Now maybe he has a better understanding of what his dad is doing.

I was able to get a 50 mile bike ride in after his race. I did not get on my bike till 10:15, so it was over 90. I have a lovely tri shirt sunburn on my back. I stuck with Perpeteum on the bike, I flavored it with a little raspberry crystal light. The bike was good, I averaged over 18mph which is pretty good for me. I felt good. I just had my bike professionally fit by, Adam at the NTC in clermont. I think I am getting a little more power out because of it. I am a ton more comfortable!

On Sunday I met Gary and some others at the Dr Phillips YMCA. We met up a little before 5am to get a 17 mile run in. Yes 5am it was plenty dark. We had to beat the heat. It was over 80 at the start.

I never run with anyone else so it was good to run with other people. It made the time go by. My legs felt good. I took 2 Enduralyte capsules(Hammer Nutrition)before the run and 2 ever hour or so. It seemed to help. We went to Starbucks after for a little coffee. I was able to sneak a nap in on the porch later in the day. I needed it! This coming weekend I will get a 60-75 mile bike in. I hope to get a little run in off the bike. Traveling this week in Charlotte, NC. I will get on the treadmill today and a little hotel pool time.

Sunday, August 5, 2007

Van Fleet Trail-Flat

Got a good ride in on Saturday morning. I met Gary for a ride at the Gen Van Fleet trail. It is a rails to trails path in Mabel,FL. It is in the middle of no where. The website said there were 2 water stops on the trail, which I did not see. The path was tough to find or not easy to spot off of Rt 50. We met at 6:30 and were on our bikes shortly there after.

The trail is very flat, we were able to average 17.7mph. IThe trail is a straight 29.2 out We ended up doing 82.6 miles. I did have some saddle issues and really need to get my bike fit. Gary had just gone to the USAT center in Clermont, FL. I think I will make an appointment ASAP.

I tried to get a run in on Sundayu morning before my trip to portland, ME but only managed 1:30..

Nutrition for the bike. I had:
20oz water in my Aero bottle,
1 Perpeteum(un flavored)mixed for 5hrs with some rasberry ice Crystal light,
1 20oz Gatorade Rain
1 20 oz Gatorade
3 soyjoy bars cut up
20 bit sized pretzels
1 uncrustable

refilled with 3 bottles of water at the 60 mile mark
when we stopped to refuel.

On the way home I did drink my chocolate milk, some water and a Sobe Adrenaline, sugar free.

Legs felt good after the bike. I was stiff from being in the wrong saddle position.

JT has his mini triathlon next weekend at Turkey Lake park. We have been to the YMCA so that he could practice. Grace is very excited for her swim classes that start on Monday..